History of The Famous Lucky Strike Brand


Lucky Strike has a very rich history and is considered one of the world’s most popular cigarette brands.

This cigarette brand was firstly released by R.A. Patterson of Richmond in 1871 as chewing tobacco and later on as a cigarette. Already in 1905, the enterprise was bought by the American Tobacco Company, which presented Lucky Strike in new format and size as 70 mm, non-filtered American blend cigarette in order to surpass the good results of R. J. Reynolds’ Camel brand.

Its exclusive red-on-green design was developed by Raymond Loewy, who also created logos for Exxon Oil, Shell Oil, and Coca-Cola.


Starting 1917, the brand began utilizing the slogan “It’s Toasted”, intended to notify cigarette smokers about the production strategy in which the tobacco is toasted, offering Lucky Strike a distinctive flavor. The same year, the well know message “L.S./M.F.T.” (“Lucky Strike means fine tobacco”) was applied on the package.

In the 1920s, Lucky Strike was advertised as a brand created especially for women “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet.” Those days, sales of Lucky Strikes have boosted by over 300% throughout the first year of the promotion, making Luckies the major cigarette brand worldwide.

Lucky Strike was also sponsoring diverse radio and TV shows.

In 1942, the well-recognized dark green package was switched to white being accompanied by a widely known advertising campaign that had as a slogan:

“Lucky Strike Green has gone to war”.

The manufacturer stated that the transformation was carried out since the copper employed in the green color was required for World War II. In fact, the change was made for one main reason to make Lucky Strike package more appealing to women.


In 1996, Brown & Williamson presented Lucky Strikes in two styles -full flavor and light one, however, they were removed from production in late 2006. In the 1960 producer added menthol version to Lucky Strike range known as “Lucky Strike Green”.

A completely different packaging of Lucky Strikes was launched in 2007, with a two-way opening, which separated seven cigarettes from others.

These days every cigarette lover can choose from a great range of Lucky Strike styles, from full flavored to lighter and even menthol versions.