15 Facts About Lucky Strike Cigarettes!


1Lucky Strike also know as “Luckies”, was the bestselling cigarette brand in the United States during the 1930s.

2Luckies were initially released as chewing tobacco and just years later as a cigarette.

3Based on rumors, the brand’s name is a representation of what was allegedly included in several packages or cartons of this brand, and namely marijuana.

That rumor has existed for quite a while stating that Lucky Strike cigarette users were involved in a kind of unlawful substance lotto, with some of them finding a “lucky strike” of the ganja among sold packages.

4There is one more opinion that the creator of Lucky Strike was fond of the Gold Rush Era.

Unfortunately, just a small number of the gold diggers were lucky to find gold and this fortune was frequently called as a lucky strike. By selecting this phrase as the brand’s name, it suggested that smokers who were picking this brand were lucky, as they were offered best quality tobacco product.

5Lucky Strike was the first cigarette brand to link smoking to weight loss with an advertising focused to women that encouraged cigarette use as the option to overcome sugar cravings.

The advertising campaign was joined with a slogan “When tempted, reach for a Lucky instead; you will thus avoid overindulgence in things that cause excess weight.” That campaign had an amazing success! “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet” increased company’s sales by more than 300%.

6Jazz saxophonist Lucky Thompson has used the logo from the cigarette packages on his 1964 album “Lucky Strikes”.

7Billy Joel’s 1983 single “Keeping the Faith”, from the album “An Innocent Man”, makes a reference to the brand in the lyric:

“I took a fresh pack of Luckies and a mint called Sen-Sen. My old man’s Trojans and his Old Spice aftershave.”

8In Dropkick Murphy’s song “Sunday Hardcore Matinee”, there is also a line about a “Pack of Luckies”.

9In the well-known AMC television series “Mad Men”, Lucky Strike is a main client for the advertising agency Sterling Cooper.

The main character of the movie Donald Draper, is frequently depicted lighting up Lucky Strikes.

10In one of the series of American Horror Story: Freak Show, the main character lights up a cigarette at a hospital and states; “It’s fine. It’s Lucky Strike. It’s good for you”.

11In the “GoodFellas” movie, young Tommy and Henry are selling smokes out of a truck, and Henry is heard offering “2 Luckies”.

12Both filtered and unfiltered version of Lucky Strike cigarettes are lighted up by Johnny Depp’s character in “The Ninth Gate”.

13In the “Misery” movie, inspired by the novel of Stephen King, James Caan’s character, Paul Sheldon, lights up one unfiltered Lucky Strike upon the end of each novel he writes.

14In the “Fury” movie, Brad Pitt and the three other characters are seen smoking unfiltered Lucky Strikes through the film.

15Brian M Viveros is also know to paint women while they smoke Lucky Strike.