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To all Smokers in England; what are the strongest cigarettes available to you?

Well, I am going to England, and I’m wondering what are the STRONGEST cigarettes out there. Talking to a few English smokers; Lambert & Butler make my usual brand; Lucky Strike unfiltered seem light. But I am trying to get a broader opinion. Also; how are Benson & Hedges shorts?

Chosen Answer:

Capstan Full Strength. (said to have a ‘guaranteed government health prediction’ on the side of the packet)

Otherwise smoke Senior Service or Players Navy.

Roll your own from Old Holborn (blue packet version not yellow).

Where can I find unfiltered Lucky Strike cigarettes?

I live in Indianapolis and can not find any Lucky Strikes. I moved here recently and Luckies are my favorite brand, though they are nowhere to be found. Can anyone help?

Chosen Answer:

Try camel regulars. its the camel non filter. they are both made by the same company(RJ Reynolds) and they taste very similar. Also Pall Mall non filter is made by reynolds but they aren’t as good. Enjoy.

Where can I buy “lucky strike” cigarettes in Melbourne, Australia? (Not online!)?

Chosen Answer:

I don’t know, but you should try “Chesterfield’s” if you like unfiltered cigarettes. They’re much better than Lucky Strikes, and they come in king size.

where can i buy filtered lucky strike cigarettes?

I know they have been discontinued in the US, but is there any other way to get them? I cant stand the unfiltered ones.
I didnt f***ing ask whether yall thought I should smoke or not. I asked if anyone knew where to buy Lucky Strikes. Now, if anyone would like to let me know where I could find them, please let me know, otherwise, f*** off. Im not even an avid smoker so yall are really wasting your time.

Chosen Answer:

some convent stores sell filters or tubes so u could just buy these and pack ur own i smoke camel non-filters they r better than lucky strikes i think but thats my taste of opinion…..ur additional details r true i guess them ppl have a hard time reading or they like jump to conclusions when they see the “C” word….next time use BIG LETTERS so the dumb-impaired knows….have a nice life u need it round here

does Wawa sell unfiltered lucky strike cigarettes?

how much do they cost?

Chosen Answer:

Luckys are filtered now?

Dude, just break it off.

What brand of cigarette do you smoke?

I was just wondering how many people smoke what, I smoke unfiltered Lucky Strikes.

Chosen Answer:

Kool King Size,

Does anyone know where to get lucky strike cigarettes in AZ?

my boyfriend came back from Washington about a month ago and brought his favorite cigarettes, lucky strike, back with him. im wanting to buy him some more as a surprise. does anyone know where to find unfiltered lucky strike cigarettes in arizona? im not looking to buy online because i just dont trust that and dont want to buy a whole carton.

Chosen Answer:

“They even sell Lucky Strike cigarettes to boot.”
Heart Attack Grill Diet Center‎
6185 W Chandler Blvd,
Chandler, AZ‎
(480) 705-9870‎

Unfiltered lucky strikes?

Hello, please can some one tell me if they sell unfiltered lucky strike cigarettes in regular shops in england?

Chosen Answer:

over here the only place i know that sells them is drug stores, pharmacy’s. you might have the same luck over there.

Do they still sell LUCKY STRIKE cigarettes anymore?

Ive been watching nothing but Band of Brothers and they always smoke them, Im curious to try them.
Im curious to try them .Im young give me a break…

Chosen Answer:

yes they do. they are unfiltered i believe